Anandi's BootsI’m almost finished with Anandi’s Boots. I previously posted a picture of the drawing when I first started. Just need to make add a little more oil pastel to some of the colorful circles, and any other details I decide to add when finishing up.

This work was done in oil pastels and watercolor and is 16″x12″, which is quite a bit smaller than I have been working on in the past, but suits the space I am working in right now.

Until my home studio is complete, I’m setting up in the house, which does pose some challenges when our curious cats decide to “help”. Running off with art supplies, flipping drawing pencils and sitting on top of artwork and art supplies are some of the ways the cats like to participate. I am looking forward to getting out my oil paints soon and will need to figure out the best way to keep the cats from playing with the oil paint.

I am having fun sketching and getting reference photos for this theme, even if people think it odd when I ask their permission to take a photo of their shoes, or their children’s shoes. Love to hear your thoughts on my work, so post your comments below, and I’ll be adding more soon.