Ker Church

Niagara HERE, is a network of site-specific artworks that people will find and interact with via smartphone. The Niagara Artists Centre put together the project and chose 25 sites around the Niagara region, then asked for and reviewed proposals from area artists.

My proposal was accepted and I’m working on artwork for the Ker Church location in Caistor Centre, West Lincoln, near Smithville. It’s only about a 45 minute drive from our farm in Wainfleet. It’s an impressive looking church with a long history and wonderful grounds, including a cemetery, crypt and wetlands. The church was originally built as a log cabin in 1862 before being renovated in 1900 to its present form. It’s a fantastic location to work with because there is so much to be used as subject matter for my artwork.

I’m working on about 8-10 pieces of artwork for the project. Most of the work with be in oils, but I’ll also be working in linocut, encaustic and pastels. I’ve included some of the works in progress here and will continue to make more posts with images of the artwork as I work and complete the artwork, so let me know what you think as you see the work develop.