Catherine, One of the “Bandit Sisters”

racoon-oil-paintingI started this painting, “Catherine”, as a demo for an oil painting class I am teaching. We have two rescue raccoons who adopted us after their mother was killed in the road near our house. Our thirteen year old named the baby raccoons after Shakespearean characters, so we have Catherine and Juliet on our farm until spring, when we plan on re-introducing them to the wild in the Short Hills.

I’ll be posting more images of the painting as it progresses, and any other artwork which they inspire me to create. Juliet needs to have a painting, and I’ll be creating more artwork with the two of them, perhaps even writing and illustrating a children’s book about their adventures.

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Wendy Malowany

Wendy Malowany earned her B.F.A., majoring in Painting, and her M.S. in Art Education. She has been drawing and creating since her childhood in the U.S. and Scotland, creating art at a professional level for over 25 years, and teaching art to children and adults for over 20 years. Painting has been her preferred medium since the beginning of her artistic career, particularly oils, but she does sometimes work in other media. Her artwork is inspired by the objects and scenes she encounters daily, in an expressive realistic style. Architecture, animals, landscapes, and nature in general, are the predominant themes of her artwork. She immigrated to Canada after marrying her Canadian husband in 2010, and works in her studio on their 8 acre hobby farm in Wainfleet, Ontario. Wendy sells her work locally, online, and her work is in collections internationally.

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