Today is our dog Roxy’s first birthday, so I painted her.  Last year for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge, I painted our old beagle, Deuce, who died just before Christmas, a month before the challenge. I waited until the last day, because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to paint him, since I am a softy and have a hard time when our pets die.

I have decided to put “Roxy” and “Deuce” up in a -special place in our house, so this painting is not for sale.  However, I do a lot of commission paintings, so if you have a favourite pet, location, building, etc. you would like me to paint for you, all the details are on my commissions page.

Happy 1st Birthday Roxy!

roxy-dog-oil-painting-malowany“Roxy” Oil on canvas, 8″x8″ NFS


Note: For the rest of my 30 Day Challenge paintings, framing can be added so the painting is ready to hang, for an additional charge depending on frame. And for the Challenge, I will ship within Canada & U.S. for free or include a wood frame if you purchase a “30 Day Painting” during January, 2015 using “Buy Now” or your winning bid is over $100