March Break Art Camp 2015

Busy at Art CampWe’re offering 5 days of Children/Teen Art Workshops over March Break, Mon. March 16 to Fri. March 20 from 9:30am to noon.  Each day will build on skills learned the previous day, but workshops can be taken individually too. Register for all 5 days for $94, or $23 for each workshop, including materials!

Monday March 16 – Sculpture

2015-02-07 11.34.16Students will learn 3-D design and both additive and subtractive methods of sculpture.

Tuesday March 17 – Drawing

pigs tub - natalieLearn drawing fundamentals or improve your drawing skills.  We’ll cover how to draw what you see, enlarging and transferring sketches to final drawings, using value to create the illusion of 3-D space, creating texture, and more!  The main drawing media will be: pencil, charcoal and pen & ink, coloured pencil and markers.

Wednesday March 18 – Painting

2013-08-22 12.08.32Learn basic painting skills, develop stronger skills, or explore a new painting medium.  Students will learn colour theory to mix colour, painting technique, composition, and more!  Students will choose from watercolour, acrylic and oil painting.

Thursday March 19 – Painting II

AshleyA continuation from Tuesday’s class, however, students may sign up for either class individually, if they wish.  Students participating both days will have longer to develop their work and explore painting media.

Friday March 20 – Mixed Media

2013-07-12 12.07.04Students will learn composition and explore many different media and ways to combine media in creating 2 and 3-dimensional artwork.


Register now for our March Break Art Workshops to reserve your spot!