Raised Box Garden Workshop

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Date(s) - Sat. 18 May. 2019
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Wendy Malowany's Art Studio

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In this workshop, you will learn the art of organic vegetable gardening to grow lots of fresh vegetable for you family and companion animals with the least amount of time. You will take home all materials, including pre-drilled wood and screws, to easily put together your 3’x5′ or 4’x4′ raised bed that can be put anywhere that it will get sunlight most of the day – backyard, on a rooftop, or raised on a table so the gardener can access from a wheelchair or not bend down.  No matter your space or experience, you can grow your own organically grown vegetables.

Wendy will teach you how to use companion planting, intensive planting, and layering to create a lot of food in a small space with little weeding, tilling and other time consuming tasks.  The box you will take home will grow enough food for 1-2 people for the whole season, and you can easily add another grow box next year to expand your garden as you learn.

About Wendy and gardening:

I grew up in the city and did a bit of container gardening, but it wasn’t until moving to Canada and living on a farm that I really started gardening intensively.  On our 8 acre hobby farm here in Wainfleet, weeds are giant!  I started an experiment of using raised beds to help control the weeds. I was happy with the results and expanded our raised beds. After reading lots of books and articles online, I got more ideas to save time and grow more food, so I have more time to paint and take care of our animals.  We grow healthy, organic food for our family and our rescue companion animals.

After completing this workshop you will:

Have all the materials ready to easily put together your first grow box

Notes and information sheets on companion planting, and other resources

Some seeds and plants to get you started

A list of local resources for organically grow plants, seeds and garden supplies

The knowledge to get you started!

Note:  If you need to have your garden box have a bottom, for a raised box or on a rooftop, select that ticket.  If you are growing on the ground, select the open garden box ticket. If you already have a box or raised bed, and want to attend for the information, folder of resources, notes information, and a few herbs, or seeds, select the “No Box” ticket.




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