Mural pricing is determined by four factors:

  • location and square footage
  • cost of materials
  • intricacy of design
  • working conditions

The basic cost for most murals run $10-$30 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the difficulty or intricacy of the design and the other factors listed above. A 50 square foot wall at the lowest price (low detail) is $500.00. At the highest price (high detail), the same wall would cost $1500.00. Most mural for children’s rooms or facilities are in the $10-$20/ft² price

Minimum Price: Murals sized 0 to 50 Square Feet: start at $500

(Smaller than 50 square feet would be better as a traditional painting on canvas or portable mural, which is painted on synthetic canvas in my studio and can be shipped anywhere. It can be applied to the wall with wallpaper adhesive)

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface)

SAMPLE PRICING, per square foot:

Prices per Unit Size (sample sizes)


AREA (sq. foot)

$10/ft² PRICE

$20/ft² PRICE

$30/ft² PRICE

Up to 5ft x10 ft 50 500 1000 1500
6ft x 9ft 54 540 1080 1620
6ft x 10ft 60 600 1200 1800
7ft x 12 ft 84 840 1680 2520
8 ft x 14 ft 112 1120 2240 3360
9 ft x 20 ft 180 1800 3600 5400
10 ft x 24 ft 240 2400 4800 7200
12 ft x 30 ft 360 3600 7200 10800

Non-Refundable Design/Sketch Fee: $200.00 (credited off total due at completion of mural) – Includes initial design sketch and up to 2 sets of changes by client (Additional sketches charged at $100/sketch)

Pricing includes: All materials, assistant fees, work to completion and travel within 100 km in Canada (Niagara Region, most of Southern GTA) or 75 km in USA (Greater Buffalo and Niagara Falls areas),

Pricing does NOT include: scaffolding/equipment rental, wall preparation, travel outside area designated above.

*Additional work due to adverse conditions on surface that requires extraneous labour will be charged extra


Once we have reached an agreement to start your mural, a contract will be presented which details work to be done and project start and end dates. A non-refundable Design fee of $200 is due prior to the sketch/design process (included in the total mural pricing). A 50% non-refundable deposit is due two weeks prior to start date of painting (this allows ordering of supplies and scheduling.) Full balance is due on the final day of completion. (a payment plan can be arranged in advance)


Before your wall mural project begins it will be assumed that there is a base coat of paint on the wall and a cleared work space.

Please move as much furniture out of the room as possible

Any prep painting, wall patching, or wall preparation will be an additional fee.

Prep painting may include filling holes in walls, putting a primer or base-coat on the wall, etc. To lower your cost, prepare the wall and painting the base-coat yourself.

Hopefully this is helpful in allowing you to get an idea of mural charges. Please complete the Contact Wendy form if you would like to schedule a time to discuss your requirements for a mural, or if you have questions.


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