Wendy Malowany

Wendy Malowany earned her A.S. In Fine Art, her B.F.A., majoring in Painting, and her M.S. in Art Education. She has been drawing and creating since her childhood in the U.S. and Scotland, creating art at a professional level for over 20 years, and teaching art to children and adults for over 15 years. Although she majored in painting, she enjoys working in many media, which is a great asset in teaching, and also add to the diversity of her artwork. She immigrated to Canada after marrying her Canadian husband in 2010, and works in her studio on their 8 acre hobby farm in Wainfleet, Ontario, after taking a necessary break from painting professionally while homeschooling and raising her three children as a single parent.

“Having lost both parents to cancer, gone through divorce and raised my children as a single homeschooling parent, I am grateful for the gifts each day brings. I paint what could be perceived as the ordinary things around me, but capturing the feelings, emotion, meaning and other aspects of what I experience….which often go unnoticed.

It makes me happy to see how my artwork connects with people and evokes memories of good times, people they love or simply brings joy into their lives. 

Animals are often the subject of my paintings because through all the challenges in life, animals and their unconditional love can increase our compassion, lift our spirits and improve our lives. Through all the challenges in life, I’ve come to realize that…the little things are the big things.”