My Day 13 painting for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is “Gabby”.​ Gabby is one of our three studio cats. She and her sisters were rescue kittens from Ker Church, a location in which Wendy was commissioned to create artwork for the Niagara HERE project. She was originally named Gabriel after the archangel by our daughters, but renamed when Wendy realized the girls were mistaken on the sex of the kitten.  She is the most outgoing of the studio cats with visitors.


“Gabby” acrylic on baltic birch, 8″x8″

Note: Framing can be added so the painting is ready to hang, for an additional charge depending on frame. And for the Challenge, I will ship within Canada & U.S. for free if you purchase a “30 Day Painting” during January, 2015 using “Buy Now” or your winning bid is over $100.