My Day 21 painting for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is “Scottish Wildcat”.​ I remember the Scottish Wildcat in the Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum and how he reminded me of one of our large cats. We have a few part feral cats we adopted that have the same wild eyes, but make no mistake Scottish Wildcats are quite different from the tame farm or house cat.  Unfortunately, the close genetics of our domestic pets are one of the reasons the Scottish Wildcat are now seriously endangered in becoming extinct: cross breeding with feral and hybrid cats.

scottish-wildcat-painting-malowany“Scottish Wildcat” acrylic on baltic birch, 8″x8″

Note: Framing can be added so the painting is ready to hang, for an additional charge depending on frame. And for the Challenge, I will ship within Canada & U.S. for free or include a black wood frame if you purchase a “30 Day Painting” during January, 2015 using “Buy Now” or your winning bid is over $100.