My Day 26 painting for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is “Tickly Bob”.​ We have a lot of little chipmunk friends here on our hobby farm: under the barn, studio and near the well.  But we like to think that the recent ones are Tickly Bob’s descendents.  Our son heard something in the downspout from our eave troughs, so got on some gloves on and got the little fellow out and into a container.  He tickled as he came out, so he named him Tickly Bob and thought he needed to be taken care of. I assured him the young fellow was fine and we took the container over to the large wood pile.  When the container was opened, he took a flying leap and happily took refuge in our wood shed.

Tickly-Bob-chipmunk-painting-malowany“Tickly Bob” acrylic on baltic birch, 8″x8″


Note: Framing can be added so the painting is ready to hang, for an additional charge depending on frame. And for the Challenge, I will ship within Canada & U.S. for free or include a black wood frame if you purchase a “30 Day Painting” during January, 2015 using “Buy Now” or your winning bid is over $100.