Today’s painting is “Piper”. Piper is a ruffed white lemur who lives at Ringtail Ranch and Rescue, near us in Wainfleet, ON, Canada.

Ringtail Ranch is a non-profit organization which provides a safe home for an abundance of wildlife. The animals have free range of their property and often follow Mark and Joni around. They have no need, nor probably time, for television. The animals provide plenty of entertainment just watching what amuses them.

One of my “mini-themes” for the Jan. 2016 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge is the Ringtail Ranch animals. I will be donating 20% of all sales of those paintings to Ringtail Ranch. So have fun bidding for a good cause, or share with someone you know who would like to win “Piper”.

“Piper” Oil on canvas, 6″x6″x1.5″

Note: Framing can be added so the painting is ready to hang, for an additional charge depending on frame. And for the Challenge, I will ship within Canada & U.S. for free or include a wood frame if you purchase a “30 Day Painting” during January, 2015 using “Buy Now” or your winning bid is over $100.