piper-malowany-lemur-paintingI just added auctions to my website today.  I had thought about doing so before, but have been busy with other priorities.  However, yesterday our good friends and neighbours at Ringtail Ranch and Rescue posted about their plight, and I decided to set up auctions on my website with 30% of all auction sales going to Ringtail Ranch and Rescue to help them out.

Ringtail Ranch is a non-profit organization which provides a safe home for an abundance of wildlife. The animals have free range of their property and often follow Mark and Joni around. They have no need, nor probably time, for television. The animals provide plenty of entertainment.

After living in Wainfleet for 13 years and trying to work alongside Town Hall and the current Mayor of Wainfleet,  they received a letter threatening to fine them if they do not shut down their exotic animal rescue efforts.   They have put their hearts and souls into making better lives for animals that would either have been caged for there entire lives or euthanized. but now for some reason, the township doesn’t want them to continue this effort. To continue doing what they love they will need to hire a lawyer and amend the current by-law.

I have added some paintings to my new Art Auctions page and will continue adding more over this week and next.  Happy Bidding and thanks for your support!

UPDATE:  I had to remove my auctions from my website due to a conflict with the software and my events software.

Also, if you’d like to learn more about Ringtail Ranch, visit the Ringtail Ranch Facebook page for more information.  They have a petition on Change.org and a GoFundMe page too.