gabby-cat-painting-malowanyJanuary I held a photo contest, with the theme of dogs, and it was great to see all the photos, and very difficult to judge! Last month’s theme was Winter, and for March the theme is Cats, so post your best photos!  You need to post your photos on my original Facebook post or Artist Facebook page.  I realized in January some people posted photos on a shared post in a group instead of the original post or my Artist Facebook page, and I missed some photos! Make sure you read the photo requirements here, then use the link to my Artist Facebook page to “like” and “share”.

The winner will get one free 6″x6″ original painting, or can upgrade to a larger size!  Photos must be your own, or taken by a family member giving permission to post the photo and allowing me to use as a painting reference.

Here are the photo requirements:

Photo of one cat per photo should be a close up. A little background around the cat is fine, but he/she should take up approx.  3/4’s of the photo.  Photo should have a good range of lights and darks, show the cat’s eyes/expression and capturing his/her personality. 

If you know other people who would like to participate in the contest and have a chance at winning an original painting, please like and share this post and  my Artist Facebook page and the original post for the contest!