“Emmett” at Small Feats Art Show & Sale 2019

I have been a member of the Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) and participated in the annual Small Feats Art Show & Sale since 2012.  It is always a great event, and has gotten bigger and better each year.  For the 2019 Small Feats Art Show & Sale, I decided on the theme of Farm Rescue Animals.  However, since I have been so busy with other events,  I only had time to complete one painting for Small Feats this year, but I will be continuing the series, so watch for more posts on new paintings in my series.

emmett-pig-painting-malowany“Emmett”, oil on canvas, 12″X12″, will be up for sale at the Small Feats Show on April 6th.  Emmett is one of Mae’s babies, rescued and living at Grey’s Haven Farm Sanctuary in Port Colborne. I have done a Paint Your Pet Fundraiser for Grey’s Haven, and we are planning another fundraiser event for them in May. Check out all they do and their animals on their Facebook page.

And if you have not been to Small Feats before, you have missed out! With over one hundred and twenty NAC Member artists participating who have created works of art for Niagara’s largest and most energetic art sale on Saturday 6 April at NAC in Downtown St. Catharines, you don’t want to miss it! Here are the details:

Every year NAC challenges their artist members to create fantastic visual art con­fined to an area no larger than one square foot—all for sale for $200. In 2017 NAC introduced the addition, Big Feats, with artwork varying in size and all way bigger than a square foot for sale at $800.

And 2019 brings a whole new suite of works – $50 silk screened prints hand made at the NAC Studio Shop. There’s something for every art collector at SMALL FEATS!

The annual SMALL FEATS show and sale is NAC’s largest art fundraiser and an as­sured rocking good time in beautiful downtown St. Catharines.

Every year artists respond to the call—and to the efforts and talents of their peers—and every year the show gets larger and the art gets stronger. Each of the contributing artists has generously chosen to split half or donate all of the proceeds to NAC, Niagara’s friendly neighbourhood, charitably registered artist-run centre.

See what makes Niagara a distinct place to live.
Own a piece of this place–our place.
Buy Local Art!

Saturday 6 April 2019
at NAC 354 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines ON
Doors at 8:00PM / VIP Preview at 7:40PM*

Small Feats Online Preview

See you at Small Feats!





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Small Feats 2017

"Francois II", oil on canvas, 12"x12"

“Francois II”, oil on canvas, 12″x12″

Two new paintings of mine will be up for sale at the Niagara Artists Centre’s Annual Small Feats Show & Sale. This is a fun and exciting art show, the largest in the Niagara region, and the major fundraiser for NAC.

“Happy Pig” and “François II”, both oil on gallery wrapped canvas will be up for sale for $200 each

Saturday 8 April 2017
Niagara Artists Centre
354 St.Paul Street
St. Catharines, ON L2R 3N2
Doors at 8PM / VIP Preview at 7:40PM

"Happy Pig", oil on canvas, 12"x12"

“Happy Pig”, oil on canvas, 12″x12″


All square foot (12×12″) original works of art are on sale for $200, and they’ve added an even smaller option to this year’s wall, with 6”x 8” original artwork for $100.

Come on out for a fun party and art show!  Support your local artist run gallery and local artists.  It is always a full house, but say hello if you can find me, and share your thoughts about my newest paintings.





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Niagara HERE – Ker Church

Ker Church

Niagara HERE, is a network of site-specific artworks that people will find and interact with via smartphone. The Niagara Artists Centre put together the project and chose 25 sites around the Niagara region, then asked for and reviewed proposals from area artists.

My proposal was accepted and I’m working on artwork for the Ker Church location in Caistor Centre, West Lincoln, near Smithville. It’s only about a 45 minute drive from our farm in Wainfleet. It’s an impressive looking church with a long history and wonderful grounds, including a cemetery, crypt and wetlands. The church was originally built as a log cabin in 1862 before being renovated in 1900 to its present form. It’s a fantastic location to work with because there is so much to be used as subject matter for my artwork.

I’m working on about 8-10 pieces of artwork for the project. Most of the work with be in oils, but I’ll also be working in linocut, encaustic and pastels. I’ve included some of the works in progress here and will continue to make more posts with images of the artwork as I work and complete the artwork, so let me know what you think as you see the work develop.



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Small Feats

Small Feats 2013!

Small Feats, an art exhibit and fundraising event put on by the Niagara Artists Centre (NAC) will take place on Saturday, the 14th of April, 2012 from 8-11pm at 354 St. Paul St. in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Last year, at the first ever Small Feats, a small horde of 300 or so stormed the Niagara Artists Centre, and enthusiastic collectors got their pick of 150 original works. Seventy-five of them were whisked off, raising $10K for the NAC, and another $5K for Niagara area artists. The 2nd annual event is expected to have an even larger crowd snatching up 12″x12″ original works of art – photographs, paintings, assemblage, and prints, by Niagara area artists, for $200 each.

All artwork was due on Tuesday, and the staff at the NAC are busying documenting all the artwork for an online preview before the show.  They actually received more artwork than they have room for this year, so will have a jury select which pieces and how many by each artist to include.  You’ll be able to preview everything on the Small Feats page of the NAC website and watch their promo video below.

I’ve been working on two oil paintings and an encaustic painting, which I dropped off Tuesday afternoon. Since one of the themes I have been working on in my artwork recently is shoes. I already had ideas for the paintings I would submit, and liked the play on words of “small feats” and “feet”. However, when I got home with a Small Feats poster, our cat Winslow decided to pose, and became the subject of one of the oil paintings, “Winslow’s Small Feet”. I’ve included images of the preliminary drawing, work in progress and finished work below.

"Winslow's Small Feat" preliminary drawing "Winslow's Small Feet", oil on canvas, 12"x12"

One of the girl’s in our homeschool group became the subject of the 2nd oil painting, “Pamela’s Boots”. I’ve been taking reference photos or people’s feet whenever I come across interesting looking shoes and feet poses.  I really liked the colours and patterns in the boots, and the relaxed pose I got in my reference photos. I’ve included images of the preliminary drawing, work in progress and finished work below.

"Pamela's Boots" preliminary drawing "Pamela's Boots", in progress "Pamela's Boots", oil on canvas, 12"x12"

For the third painting, an encaustic, which is pigmented wax, I chose our horses, and the interesting textures they create in the pasture with their hooves this time of year. I haven’t painted in encaustic in quite a while, but really enjoy the medium and plan on working in encaustic in future work.  I buffed out the horses after the painting was finished and the wax had time to harden well. This gives a nice sheen that contrasts with the textures of the ground.

It’ll be a great exhibit and a chance to get some great original artwork by local artists at a great price, so if you are near  the St. Catharines area, come on out at 8pm on the 14th of April!

Go to Small Feats 2013!



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